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Some recommended titles:

Manteca - Manteca - rare music LP records for sale
Manteca - Manteca

Latin Music LPs

Joe Loco - Loco Motion - rare music LP records for sale
Joe Loco - Loco Motion

Latin Music LPs

Xiomara Alfaro - Siboney - rare music LP records for sale
Xiomara Alfaro - Siboney

Latin Music LPs

Salsa + Latin Music LPs for sale - search by:

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We sell rare vinyl records. Many of the LPs we sell are rare and highly collectible, our genres are: Latin music LPs, Salsa music LPs, Haitian music LPs, Soul music LPs, Folk music LPs, Funk music LPs, African music LPs, Brazilian music LPs, Jazz music LPs and more. Occasionally we list 10 and 7 inch records, 78rpm records and DVDs. Stock is added to continually.
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