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Joe Quijano is the proprietor the recording company, Cesta Records which he formed in the 1960s. Joe was born on September 27, 1935, at Puerta de Tierra, Puerto Rico, his family relocating to New York City in 1941. Over the years he has contributed greatly to the development of Latin music in New York City.


  • Classic salsa
  • Classic descargas, son montunos, guaguanco
  • Classic dance music

Book Joe and his Orchestra
La Gran Orquesta de Joe Quijano

Estimados Amigos,
iBuenas Noticias! Una vez mas el conocido musico Joe Quijano esta disponible para amenizar todas sus actividades sociales, sea en San Juan o en la isla.
El Conjunto Cachana, se compone de 11 musicos para su deleite, o si prefiere el sonido del "Big Band" de antano para sus galas y convenciones, La Gran Orquesta de Joe Quijano, cuenta con 20 musicos para tocarles la musica de ayer y de hoy. 
Llamenos al: (939) 645-8930
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Joe Quijano El Conjunto Cachana

Dear Music Lovers,
Good News! Renowned musician Joe Quijano is now available for all your social activities. 
Dance to the music of El Conjunto Cachana, composed of 11 members. If you prefer the Big Band sound for your gala affairs and conventions, The Joe Quijano Orchestra, with 20 musicians will delight you and take you back in time. Whether in San Juan or the Island, we can be there!
Call us at: (939) 645-8930
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Joe Quijano

'Joe Quijano'
Musicians are a breed of their own. In most cases they come and go; some reach the top charts and become unforgettable and others go unnoticed and fall through the cracks. We know who the unforgettable ones are because, we as human beings identify our special moments through their music and lyrics.

Joe Quijano is one of the unforgettable Orchestra Leaders, Composer and Singer of our time, and, Oh, how he can woo the ladies, with his romantic melodies and sexy voice. He started his career as a boy, in 1950 in the back streets of the Bronx, in NY with such known artists as Eddie Palmieri (pianist) Orlando Marin (timbale player), Chiqui Perez (conga player) and Larry Acevedo, (trumpet player). He formed his first Band known as the "Banana Kelly's Mambo" named after Kelly Street where most of these artists grew up, and later changed the groups name to "El Conjunto Cachana", which is still very active today.

Joe Quijano Y Su Orquesta
Joe 'Mr Pachanga' Quijano Y Su Orquesta

 Throughout his career, he has had many accomplishments. He recorded 14 CD's and over 300 songs. In 2003 he recorded his latest CD, an unbelievable recording, in English, Titled "Salsa- Natra In Clave". He was the innovator of "La Pachanga" a Cuban- NewYorkRican rhythm, and the "Cha Cha Cha", and is most famous for his interpretation of "La Pachanga Se Baila Asi", which inspired other great artiest such as Tito Rodriguez , Frank Grillo (better known as "Machito") and Tito Puente to incorporate "La Pachanga" in their Big Band - Orchestras in the late 1960's. Many of us will remember his very famous song "A Catano" which became popular for the verse "Aguanta La Lancha ue voy pa Catano". Joe was the founder of the "Cesta All Stars" with Al Santiago and Charlie Palmieri, which he still owns today. Joe Quijano is an all-around artist, he not only Composed, Sang, and Conducted his Orchestra; he was also an accomplished pianist, and played an unbelievable flute as well as the timbales, congas, and bongos.

In 1992, Joe Quijano was still going strong until fate turned things around. He had a motor-cycle accident, here in Puerto Rico which left him in a wheel-chair for several years. He has had over 12 surgeries, but his love for music, and his unbelievable stamina has brought him right back to where he was, and to us. He is still performing and going strong, his most recent being in Cali, Columbia.

I have just skimmed the surface of this great artist, for to do him justice, I would have to write a book. Which, by the way, is being done today. His music has inspired many great musicians throughout the years, and his legacy will live on for as long as we have, and enjoy music. I am proud to call Joe Quijano my friend, he is an unbelievable human being, and a great artist.

Betsy Moreno


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