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Joe Quijano is the proprietor the recording company, Cesta Records which he formed in the 1960s. Joe was born on September 27, 1935, at Puerta de Tierra, Puerto Rico, his family relocating to New York City in 1941. Over the years he has contributed greatly to the development of Latin music in New York City.


  • Classic salsa
  • Classic descargas, son montunos, guaguanco
  • Classic dance music

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Joe Quijano and Augusto Onna Title: 50 Anos Despues, Lo Inedito de Tite Curet Alonso
Item #: 013964151749 

JOE QUIJANO and his Orchestra Title: SALSA-NATRA IN CLAVE Item: CES-34000 Joe Quijano's tribute to Tite Curet Alonso. Joe has assembled some of the best musicians in Puerto Rico and New York, and along with is music director Augusto Onna, has created a superb salsa music album. Featuring Conjunto Cachana and the Cesta All Stars.

Joe Quijano has been carrying these musical gems around for the past 50 years, and now he has recorded and released them. To achieve this Joe assembled some of the best musicians in Puerto Rico and New York, and along with is musical director Augusto Onna, they have created a Salsa music masterpiece - a true tribute to Joe's old friend Tite Curet Alonso.

Already several awards have been heaped on this new salsa album from Cuba to Puerto Rico.

Joe's own songs 'Tributo a Don Tite Curet Alonso' is a swinging descarga jam featuring the Cesta All Stars with Luis Perico Ortiz, Van Lester, Orlando Marin, Harry Fraticelli, Willie Villegas and many others.


"On October 31, 1959, Don Tite Curet Alonso, invited me to dinner at his residence on Calle Delbrey, in Santurce, Puerto Rico. After our meal, we gathered in a corner of his room, where the poet began to sing what was undoubtedly was his first musical compositions.

At that time, I was looking for songs to record my next LP, the fourth with my band Cachana. So I paid careful attention, realizing immediately that I was listening to an extraordinary composer. The evening concluded with a cassette recording that contained the voice and melodies of Tite himself; about twenty songs, ten of which were recorded throughout the following years.

The vagaries of life have juggled in these 50 years, but this tasty cassette, always accompanied me. Guaracha 'Efectivamente' was the very first issue, I had the joy of recording of Tite. I have here: the public wanted my eight unreleased tracks that were missing for recording.

Joe Quijano


1. El Pastizal (feat. Cesta All Stars)
2. Melodia (feat. Conjunto Cachana & Van Lester)
3. Te Amé (feat. Conjunto Cachana & Harry Fraticelli)
4. Rumores (feat. Conjunto Cachana)
5. Mama Dila a Ese Hombre (feat. Cesta All Stars)
6. Sonriedo Fué (feat. Conjunto Cachana, Filo Cruz, Luisito Ayala & Nacho Sanabria)
7. Nube Negra (feat. Conjunto Cachana, Harry Fraticelli & Paquito Guzman)
8. Solo (feat. Conjunto Cachana)
9. Tributo A Don Tite Curet Alonso
10. Efectivamente (feat. Conjunto Cachana & Pedro Bolida Gomez)


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